A Summer in Rotorua

What's it like to work a summer at Rock Solid? We ask one of our former staff, Megan, what her experiences were like in Rotorua...

Hello, my name is Megan.

Last November my partner and I decided to leave our jobs in England and backpack around New Zealand. We arrived in Auckland with a working holiday visa, ready to see what New Zealand had to offer. 

Our plan was originally to work on the fruit orchards and enjoy some of the sunshine whilst we worked. However, the summer of 2022 had other plans for us. The heavy rain put a stop to our work in horticulture so we were back to square one in trying to find a job. We kept our eyes peeled on the backpacker board website and saw that Rock Solid Backpackers were in desperate need of housekeepers and a front of house. We got in contact and Belinda wanted us to start immediately which began our journey in Rotorua. 

We worked at Rock Solid for three months in total, I started as a housekeeper and shortly after was promoted to head housekeeper. I had never considered housekeeping as a job yet after my first day I really enjoyed what the job had to offer. The days started at 9am, stripping and making the beds ready for check in at 2pm. Once the beds were ready we moved onto the facilities. Every day we did a different facility which made sure that no day was the same. I worked during peak season at the hostel and found that it was quite the workout which I loved. It also kept me super busy throughout the day and before I knew it it was 3pm and I was done. Rock solid offers work and accommodation so it’s super easy to save up, make friends and meet people from all over. 

On my days off I was never short of things to do; whether it's nightlife that you want, a day shopping, going out for food or finding beautiful places to go for a walk…Rotorua has the answer. We went walking in the Redwoods forest, spent days sunbathing and swimming at Boyes beach and the Blue Lake and discovered geo-thermal wonderlands (just to name a few things!).

Rotorua really has so much to offer with everything in close proximity. So whether you are a solo backpacker looking to meet new people or a couple travelling and need a cosy place to stay whilst earning some cash, Rock Solid Backpackers is the way to go! Give them a ring and they might just have your next adventure lined up for you.

Posted by Dale Thomas on May 29, 2023

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