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Hostel Policies


No refunds apply if cancelled within 24 hours.  Your reservation must be cancelled by midnight, 24-hours prior to your arrival date.   

For example: If your reservation is for check-in Monday 2nd July, the cut off time for contacting the hostel would be Saturday 30th June prior to midnight.

Anytime after that we can charge the first nights accommodation.  Also you must cancel via the booking channel you booked through ie. Hosteworld or Booking.com.

Bookings will be charged in advance leading up to any public holidays, if you cancel before 24 hours you will be refunded.  

UNDER 18’s

Under 18’s must be accompanied by an adult unless a prior arrangement has been organized with the hostel manager.

Bookings are at the hostels discretion. Rock Solid Backpackers has the right to decline any bookings for under 18 year old’s unaccompanied by an adult. 


1. SECURITY – The Backpacker Group Limited will implement careful procedures, including CCTV cameras around its premises but will take no responsibility for your property. All valuables such as travel documents, keys, credit cards and personal property are the sole responsibility of the individual guest/s.

2. CANCELLATIONS – no refunds apply if cancelled within 24 hours. Your reservation must be cancelled by midnight, 24-hours prior to your arrival date. For example: If your reservation is for check-in Monday 2nd July, the cut off time for contacting the hostel would be Saturday 30th June prior to midnight. Anytime after that we can charge the first nights accommodation. Also you must cancel via the booking channel you booked through ie. Hosteworld or Booking.com. Should you wish to shorten a reservation after arrival the cost of the entire stay may still be payable.
Charges are at the discretion of management.

3. ALCOHOL – please respect that no consumption of alcohol is permitted after 10pm in the rooms or common areas. We will not tolerate drunken behaviour and intoxicated guests will be asked to leave our premises.

4. SMOKING/E-CIGARETTES – are not permitted including in any Backpacker Group Limited property, including in the bedrooms and bathrooms. Rooms are fitted with monitored smoke detectors, which may sound an alarm if any smoke is present. Where smoking has been detected on the premises, an additional charge of $100 will be made to cover the additional cleaning of furnishings, carpets, bed covers etc. Where an alarm or detector is triggered or tampered with an additional charge of $1,000 will be made. You agree to indemnify The Backpacker Group Limited in respect of any such amount claimed.

5. CAUSABLE FIRE ALARMS - Where a guest's actions are been found to have triggered the fire alarm, such as covering heaters with clothes or improperly monitoring food, an additional charge of $500-$1000 may be made towards additional costs. 

6. INJURY and HARM – during your stay is at your own risk and you agree that to the fullest extent, permitted by New Zealand law The Backpacker Group Limited may disclaim any or all liability in the event of any injury, harm, loss or death.

7. DAMAGES or THEFT – the person(s) registering as the guest(s) will be liable for any loss or damage to appliances, furniture, keys, fixtures and all fittings of the hostel. The Backpacker Group Limited will not be responsible for, or liable to compensate for the loss, theft or damage of personal property on, or brought into the hostel building. Where guests sign for and on behalf of a business or authority, and in the event that the business or authority is unable to or refuses to pay any amount due, the guest(s) shall be liable to pay on demand any amount owing by the business or authority under this agreement.

8. LAW AND JURISDICTION – you agree that these terms and conditions are governed by New Zealand law, and the courts of New Zealand shall have exclusive jurisdiction over all matters relating to your stay.

9. VISITORS – are only allowed in the reception lounge for a maximum of 2 hours and must leave the hostel by 5pm. Please speak to reception if you wish to allow visitors into the hostel.

10. DISTURBANCE – guests causing a disturbance to other guests or staff will have their reservation terminated without a refund and you may be asked to leave the premises.

11. EXTRA CLEANING CHARGES – a reasonable standard of cleanliness is expected to be maintained in your room.
Excessive mess for example: smoking, spilled alcohol, being sick in rooms that require extra cleaning will incur a cleaning fee of $100 which will be automatically charged to the credit card held on the booking.

12. KEY DEPOSIT – a lost key fee of $20 applies, if these are not returned upon checkout or you have lost them during your stay. We also reserve the right to terminate the reservation for any breaches at any time, without a refund.

13. GROUPS – if the booking is made under your name you are responsible for your group. All Tour Group Leaders must leave their mobile number as a contact, in case of an emergency.

Risk Declaration 

Welcome to Rock Solid Backpackers. We are committed to ensuring that your stay with us is safe, comfortable and enjoyable. Like any accommodation, there are some risks inherent in your stay. Please read and acknowledge this risk declaration form before proceeding with your reservation. 

1. Property Risks - We maintain our hostel to a high standard, but we acknowledge that accidents can occur such as slips, trips and through use of equipment. All guests should be vigilant and follow posted safety guidelines wherever necessary. 

2. Natural Disasters, Earthquakes and Flooding: Natural disasters are rare and our building is designed to withstand these events, however, there is always an element of risk. We advise our guests to read the safety information displayed in all rooms and familiarise themselves with our evacuation procedures. 

3. Fire and Evacuation - Our hostel is equipped with fire alarms, fire extinguishers, fire blankets and hoses. We encourage our guests to exercise caution while using cooking appliances, heaters and follow guidelines in their use. Guests should familiarise themselves with the fire evacuation information in their rooms. Smoking is not permitted anywhere in the hostel. 

4. Kitchen and Food preparation - Our team ensures that the kitchen areas are maintained and cleaned regularly, however the use of cooking utensils and appliances carries some inherent risks, such as burns, cuts and slips. We advise guests to exercise care when using the kitchen areas and preparing food, and following guidelines as displayed. In the event of an injury, spill or maintenance issue, please inform a staff member for assistance. 

5. Recreational Activities and Amenities - We recognise that the use of our facilities carries some inherent risk. Guests should use our equipment responsibly and with care for themselves and those around them. 

6. Medical Emergencies - In the event of an emergency, our team will call an ambulance and provide first aid where they can. Please call 111 in the event of an emergency; our address is 1140 Hinemoa Street, Rotorua. The closest AED is located at Whitcoulls (1238 Tutanekai Street). 

7. Security and Personal Belongings - We provide lockers and locks on all of our rooms, with additional storage in our luggage room by Reception. We take no responsibility for any theft, loss or damage to personal items. Guests are advised to use the lockers provided and report any suspicious behaviour to staff. 

8. Activities and Bookings - We work in conjunction with our partners in Rotorua and external agencies to recommend activities that are committed to providing a safe and enjoyable experience. However, some activities inherently carry an elevated risk of injury or death. If an activity carries these risks, they will be highlighted to you at the time of booking. By continuing your reservation at Rock Solid Backpackers, you acknowledge that you have read and understood the risks inherent with staying at the hostel. 

Our staff are here to help and ensure your safety while you are with us, and if you have any concerns, please contact us. Enjoy your stay! 

Rock Solid Backpackers +64 (0) 7 282 2053 1140 Hinemoa Street [email protected] Rotorua 3010

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